A Weekend Bag Over My Shoulder – Portrait De L'HOMME
My Favourite Summer Style Move

A Weekend Bag Over My Shoulder

Weekend bag over my shoulder

Hey everyone, how are you all doing?

As I am usually bouncing back and fourth between locations, more frequently than a criminal on the run, it’s important for me to carry  some (a lot!) stuff around. Girls, I feel your obsession for big bags! Usually I’d need space for a laptop, camera and whatever I may carry around. This means that I can often be found with a weekend bag over my shoulder, even during the weekdays. Currently you’ll find me with this Adax filled to the brim with stuff I think I’m gonna need during the day.

The entire look revolved around the theme On The Go. A look that could work for a quick stop by the office (not office wear tho!), hanging around cafés, and will keep you cool throughout pretty much all of your leisure time activities. Most of the outfit was kept in black and white with the exception of the blue jacket. A color combination so classic but yet so chic! Added was sneakers that actually look like a pair of runners, which  resulted in somewhat of a athletic vibe.

I’ve picked out exact (the bag) and similar pieces down below, so that you can achieve the same look.

Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME

Weekend bag over my shoulder Weekend bag over my shoulder Weekend bag over my shoulder adax-taske-6 adax-taske-9




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