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Are you being well dressed?

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Hey there!

I have a feeling, that many people associates being well dressed with being suited up. Though being suited up may be one way to dress well (depending on the circumstances!), then there are other ways to do so. Most of us are not likely to run around in a suit everyday – though many would want to. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t be well dressed? Does it? No, there are countless occasions where a suit simply isn’t suited, and where other parameters are taken into account ( – for example when climbing off road paths to reach an abandoned military base). Being well dressed is much related to knowing the fit, the size and how each piece complement each other – rather than those indoctrinated specific pieces. And then there is picking the right outfit for the right occasion…

Climbing off road in the evening you say? Well this outfit did the trick – and in particular for the strolling around on the top in the evening chill.

Why does this outfit work: First of all, all the pieces involved act in a coherent color palette. The shoes diverge, however, as grey and black practically ain’t colors, the white doesn’t seem off. They do on the contrary make a pretty clear contrast – a contrast that goes well with the modern contemporary message that the rest of the outfit has. The monochromatic color blocks on the jumper simply suits the edginess of the super slim stonewashed grey biker denim jeans. As for fit, it is all rather slim – especially the jeans. But when you aren’t particularly tall, slimming in is a great option to seem taller. A boxy outfit would have made me look like I’d been wearing my dad’s clothes. Though, in my instance, I’m actually taller than my dad – but you get the point…

I don’t believe that everyone feels comfortable by slimming in though. I think people feel vulnerable and exposed. Guilty for that extra beer last night, and that cold wiener in the fridge that we accidentally found – but we all do those things! Of course when you bent over, and look down all you are going to see is that compact 1-pack belly. But take this advice: Straighten up your back, look straight ahead, and your belly will flatten out! Making you suitable for wearing something a little tighter.

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Portrait De L’HOMME

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