What I would like to wear more often.

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If you browse around this site (or my instagram for that matter) then one thing that you’ll notice, is that wool overcoats are a major stable in my wardrobe. While most of them are singleraded and has a length that barely reaches the knee, then there are multiple other variations as well. However, one item that I would like to act more on, is the double breasted  and oversized overcoats. This overcoat in particular (from Zara) fairly fits to that description. It’s quite roomy and it is double breasted. The fact that it is double-breasted gives it that real cool militant vibe while the volume gives it a cool fashionable edge. But again, it is not thaaaaaaat oversized, only slightly (see for example the shoulder width).

And now that we are on the silhouette of it. One thing related to this, that I’ve poured my love all over is the overcoats that reach beneath the knee – making more like a greatcoat or an Ulster coat. These really has the military connotations that I think is super cool!

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