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An Ivy shows you what to wear for New Year's Eve

What I’m Wearing For New Years Eve 2017

nye-look-1It’s safe to say that 2017 became the year of velvet. We are talking shirt, jackets, pants, even shoes. So for the last night of the year I decided to pay tribute to that. I’m wearing a black and red velvet shirt with see through areas (seems tacky, but it works quite well!)  from ASOSwith a black dinner jacket from Tiger of Sweden over. The pants are from Whyred and have a tapered silhouette. They are pleated at the waist but become narrow around the ankles. The accessories are mix between gold and silver, and the shoes are of course my Gucci loafers. And of course, you probably won’t fint me on NYE without a bottle of champagne in my hand.

What are you wearing for New Years Eve? If still in doubt then AN IVY has some great suggestions, check them out HERE.

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An Ivy shows you what to wear for New Year's Eve