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What to wear with a camel coat?

What To Wear For Christmas Eve In 2017

what-to-wear-for-christmasChristmas eve is coming so close that you can almost smell all the delicious dishes. My mouth is watering just from writing this! But one question remains, what to wear for Christmas Eve? Well, of course every house hold celebrates this eve slightly different, so there might be different norms and terms, but I’ve found 4 that should provide you with some inspiration.

The Suit


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Lets start with the most formal, and the one where you really want to be sure that the setting is right; the suit. Stray away from the finer fabrics and go with a heavier woolen substitute. Do like @Justusf_Hansen here. Skip the tie for one night, the suit in it self has plenty of charisma. You don’t need to look all Harvey Specter.

The Dapper

dapper-christmas-1This look is definitely one of my go to outfits. A pair of dress pants, a dress shirt, a slick silk tie and a pair of beautiful leather shoes. Dress shoes, derbies, loafers. You have many options when it comes to this look. If you think that this look is a little ‘bare’ then adding a knit jumper is a nice touch. Which brings us on to the next topic.

The Jumper


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This is the perfect look if you’re in your early twenties. Nobody expect you to be influenced by corporate environments, and your youthfulness allows you to play around with formalities. Style it with a pair of dress pants. Go for either wool or a finer fabric depending on how formal the environment is.

The Holiday Sweater


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Last but not least we have the joker. The holiday sweater. This sweater has really been revitalised lately, and can easily be styled in such a cool manner. All you need is a pair of dress pants, dress shoes (or loafers), and then just maybe pop a white shirt underneath the sweater.  I promise you that it will look super cool.

A common notion for all of these looks? Yep, no jeans. Your favourite jeans can stay in the closet for one night.

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