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What’s So Great About Afternoon Coffee?

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Hey guys!

I know this may sound tedious a.f! But I think we all have one special thing that we look forward getting home to. Whether it is from work or from school, from the weight lifting or from yoga class. We all have that one thing that is our goal and destiny from the second we enter our doorway. Mine is one hell of a afternoon coffee. Home brewed from with handpicked coffee beans and whole milk with a high fat percentage! Oh yeah! That’s what life is about!

What makes it so special about this exact sip of coffee? It’s the fact that it has been a long day, and you deserve to fuel up before dinner – whether you are cooking or going out. It’s that moment where you let yourself sit back after an exhausting day and tell yourself that you did well!

I’ve made this little movie just to show you the effort and the process that it takes to make this great cup of coffee.

Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME



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