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When Grey is A – Okay

grey-a-okayI guess it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of overcoats. They’re classy, sleek and can be styled in numerous ways. To me – though it is grounded in classic menswear –  it is not only limited to classic stylings. Obviously in looks great with a blazer and your favourite oxfords, but it looks just as cool with leather pants and sneakers.

While you don’t have to style it with a blazer or a suit, then beware that when you buy your next overcoat then you should always buy one where you have room for a blazer underneath. It simply looks terrible when you try to squeeze in underneath coat where there simple is no space for it!

For styling I went with different shades of grey. To me, grey has a certain ability to blend so well together despite the different shades. So while this was the foundation of the look then I paired it up with a PJ shirt, a pair of sneakers and a pair of super cool sunglasses (if you ask me).

To me these Ørgreen sunglasses are the perfect take of a modern John Lennon. I don’t know about you, but thats kind of the associations that I have – and thats not meant in any bad way! Au contraire! While being obviously round frames with blue glasses, then they are super light with multiple edges on the glasses.

I don’t know if the title is somehow misleading. My point was just that working with different shades and layers of grey is a good idea!

grey-scaled-3 grafik-1 grey-scaled-13 grafik-2  grafik-4 grey-scaled-4 grey-scaled-8grey-scaled-11

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Sunglasses: Ørgreen Optics // Overcoat: Joseph (affiliate) // PJ Shirt (2 piece): Ambassador 1867 // Tee: Jack & Jones (affiliate)  // Trousers: Yourturn (affiliate) // Sneakers: New Balance (affiliate)

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