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Styletip: Wear A Simple Uniform

When you go south!

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Hey! How are you doing?
Are you considering spending your summer near the Mediterranean? Where the temperature is more likely to 35C rather than 15C. Well the tip – like you’ve heard so many times before – is to dress accordingly! This means opting for a brighter color palette and lighter materials. Try staying clear of black and wool. Go for colors such as white, creme, light blue or grey. Further go for light materials such as linen, silk and cotton.
Feel like breaking your comfort zone when you go south? Try opting for a wide brimmed straw hat instead of your favourite sunglasses. It often does the trick just as well and it keeps your neck free from sun burns (yep – we all “forget” the sun lotion). Oh, and it looks super dapper!

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Portrait De L’HOMME

Ps. the pictures are taken in the beautiful city of Séte, France, By Astrid Hovman.


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Styletip: Wear A Simple Uniform