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Fashion Week SS19: Complete rundown of what I wore

Why a bag in a bag should be your next fashion move

A Heliot Emil transparent totebag with a bumbag inside.

One of the absolute biggest bag trends over course of the summer is the transparent plastic bag. I know that this trend is mainly coined on women with brands like Chanel, Céline and Maison Margiela at the fore front, but this doesn’t mean that you as a man can’t rock this trend! I like when fashion gets a little humouristic, and at the same time the whole concept of a transparent (or almost transparent) bag kinda challenges the idea of what a bag is supposed to do. It brings back the bag to its core – something to carry your sh*t around in, and not much else.

Well to some extent, as it kinda ends up being an ambiguous concept. At one hand you can reinforce your image by showing off the cool stuff you carry around or the fact that you don’t care about people seeing the prescription pills in your bag. On the other hand, you cannot really hide the stuff that you don’t want the rest of the world to see. A third option, which also solves the issue just described, is to put a bag within the transparent bag. This gives you some ‘privacy’ while showing that you’re still playing along with the transparent bag trend, even further, it shows that you are also aware of the ‘multiple bags’ trend.

In fact, one of the most popular bags currently are the paper/plastic tote bag by Comme des Garcon. In its essence it is a paper totebag that is securely covered in plastic totebag. It gives you the notion of being two bags in one. More or less as I styled these bags; the bumbag going inside the transparent Heliot Emil totebag. The bumbag perfectly takes up the entire bottom of the bag making it a perfect fit for this styling.

What I’m wearing

  • Sunglasses from Super by RetroSuperFuture (Similar here)
  • Ring, Bracelet and Necklace with ring from Hentze Cph (Similar here)
  • T-shirt from COS (Shop here)
  • Shorts from HALO (Shop here)
  • Socks from Adidas (Shop here)
  • Slippers from Hermès (Shop here)
  • Transparent Totebag from Heliot Emil (Similar here)
  • Bumbag (Similar here)


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Fashion Week SS19: Complete rundown of what I wore