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Why You Should Buy A 3 Piece Suit

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Suits are often the perfect tool for creating formalised layers – no regards of the season. However, unfortunately I dont believe that enough off-the-rack suits comes with the possibility of a much underrated layer; the waistcoat. Honestly, if you’re ever presented with the opportunity to buy a 3 piece suit (waistcoat being the thirds piece), then this should be your favoured choice! Even if the jacket is double breasted – and you barely notice the waistcoat – then go for it. Why? Because such a suit allows you to skip the jacket. Sounds very obvious right? Well it is, but skipping the jacket and keeping the waistcoat leaves you with a uniformed appearance that avoids the stiffness of the jacket.

and if my word for it is not enough, then take a quick Google search for Justin O’shea. This style icon shows on various occasions how to rock the suit trouser n’ waistcoat look.

My suit is from Suit Supply where they make suits with personal measures based on their off-the-rack styles. All for a very reasonable price! Of course there is no need to pick a fabric as extravagant as this. 😉

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Are you a weather optimist as well?