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Why You Should Be Wearing Minimalistic Sneakers

Wearing Minimalistic Sneakers

Hey guys!

I’ve said this a few times, but I’d like to go over it again. I’ve never been the big fan of those colorful eccentric sneakers. On that account I’m more fan of a classical minimalistic silhouette. And for what it is worth, the classical tennis sneaker trend are really coming forward!

Okay, but isn’t the minimalism kinda boring? I for one don’t think so. I think that the understated look works very well and provides some degree of maturity! The versatility of wearing minimalistic sneakers is not to be underestimated. It provides your suit with a relaxed vibe and your casual wear with a degree of sophistication.

If you do want your shoes to pop out just a tad, then go for a neutral cohesive look, that has a darker shade than the shoes. Styling the outfit this way, will make the shoes light up the rest of the outfit in en elegant way. I know that the look I’m wearing is probably taking it to the extreme, but black just feels so comfortable and it really illustrates my point very well!

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black-black-blue-1  Wearing Minimalistic Sneakers

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