Wild Wild Western Boots

Wild Wild Western Boots

Hey folks! It’s been a while – I know!

December for sure turned out to be an emotional and stressful month, which means that I didn’t really have much energy left for the blog. Nonetheless, the second last day of 2018 I set out to shoot this editorial focusing on stylings with cowboy boots. Not only because they are trending like hell, but because they are in fact cool. Not just trendy-cool, but super-slick-quality-conscious-wear-n’-tear kinda cool! Besides my fashionable sneakers these wild wild western boots are pretty much the only thing on my feet. No matter whether I’m running to the baker or meetings.

So here it is…


Wild Wild Western BootsWild Wild Western Boots

Coat from Weekday (shop trench – not quite similar) // Knit from H&M Studio (shop Similar) // Pants from COS (shop Similar) // Boots from Sendra (shop)

Wide trousers properly hides the shaft, whether it be ankle height or full size. The width of the trousers also allows you to pull out a pair of boots that otherwise may have seemed too pointy for your taste. At the same time the boots add a rock n’ roll vibe to an otherwise rather cozy look.

Shop these Sendra fuchsia boots here.

Knit from Peak Performance (shop similar) // Shirt from Ralph Lauren (shop) // Trousers from Legends (shop similar)  Sendra fuchsia boots (shop).

The slightly raised posture you receive from the iconic cuban heel really sets you apart from the rest of the well dressed men around. Though the cowboy boot has been subject of different contemporary fashion alterations over the years, the iconic heel and characteristic decorations has remained. These are the type of boots that show character and a willingness to consistently break from conformity.

Blazer from Tiger of Sweden (shop similar) // Track jacket from Ellesse (shop similar) // Dress pants from Whyred (shop similar) // Sendra boots (shop) // Hanrej necklace (shop)

Whether you’re dressed casually or to the nines (or both), there are currently no occasion that western boots wouldn’t be suitable. The gym, tracks and poolside might be the only exceptions. While I’d love to say that this was a constant, the answer is that right now, these boots are hella fashionable. Cowboy boots with a suit, yes please! If it wasn’t because my own wedding is due in August, I would definitely consider wearing a pair myself.

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Down jacket from Mackage (shop similar) // Fleece jacket from Jack & Jones (shop) // Pants from COS (shop Similar) // Boots from Sendra (shop) // Sunglasses from Komono (shop similar)


That’s it for this time!
Would you rock such wild wild western boots?

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