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Win with a v-neck

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If we are to believe the major fashion houses then the V-neck is strongly coming back our way. Most of us probably still have a few of them laying around in the back of the closet. Well, I do. This old Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren still have a few good years left in it, and now is definitely the time to show it. To make sure that your v-neck stands out very differently from the very traditional v-neck kind of look (solid jeans, v-neck jumper and a shirt) then you can go for a pair of leather pants.

Personally, I have worn these a few times now and I’ve begun to feel super comfortable in them. Obviously they are a ‘little’ (much) more extravagant then a pair of jeans, but they make any outfit instantly rock n’ roll – even a v-neck jumper. Well, the boots help out with that as well (more stylings with the boots HERE).

Sunglasses – Han Kjøbenhavn (similar)
Jumper – Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren (Super chic v-neck knit affiliate)
Leather pants – Second hand (Leather pants affiliate)
Boots – Lædersmeden (similar)
Bag – Adax (exact)

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