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Could You Rock A Windowpane Check Suit?

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I just very recently got home from a trip to Milan. One of the main fashion capitals of the world. And boy did it set me back a few bucks! Can’t wait to share this with you! However this is about styling a windowpane check suit.

When in rome, do as the romans. Likewise in one of the main style capitals of the world – Milan. Italian men have a reputation of being able to pull of bold colourful suits to achieve that true sprezzatura! Sprezzatura in short means that you bring an enormous amount of game to your sartorial outfit, but look like you just casually pulled out the first thing in your closet. Something that is not easily pulled off. No doubt that I personally find a lot of inspiration in many of these italian gents.

The Statement Suit:
Nothing catches the eye like a statement suit. Whether the suit is dominated by it’s color or pattern.  Being able to pull off such really shows that you’ve been able to elevate your style level. An achievement not to be underestimated. It oozes of confidence and will in return boost your confidence giving you a daily enhancement!

This look is very much inspired of those italian gents. A blue windowpane check suit, crisp dress shirt, a bold tie and a pocket square. The icing one the top is the chestnut brown brogues, with of course italian socks – meaning no socks. Or at least so it looks! Honestly, the best way to wear no socks, is to actually not wear no socks. You avoid the stinky feet by slipping into a no-show sock, which just covers the toes and the heel.

If the weather gets too hot? Take off the jacket and tie and let the trousers speak for them selves. They are loud, so you don’t necessary need a belt to accessory your outfit. However, make sure that the trousers and shirt sit tight. this wont work if either of these are sitting slouchy!

The pictures are shot in Milan around and inside the Sforza Castle.

Windowpane suit-1 Windowpane suit-3 Windowpane suit-4 Windowpane suit-5 Windowpane suit-6 clarks shoes windowpane check suit Windowpane suit-9 Windowpane suit-7 Windowpane suit-11 Windowpane suit-10

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