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Won Hundred x Lædersmeden: 7 Cowboy boots that kick …

Won Hundred x Lædersmeden

A few days ago I was introduced to the new Won Hundred x Lædersmeden collaboration between the Danish fashion brand Won Hundred and Copenhagen based niche footwear store Lædersmeden (translates to The Leathersmith). The collaboration is part of an initiative that Won Hundred call Support Your Local Heroes that pays tribute to a line of, yes, local heroes. For those of you who don’t know Lædersmeden (most of you I guess), then it is a little store in the heart of Copenhagen that focuses on selling well crafted cowboy boots! It has even become the place where many Danish (and international) musicians shop their cowboy boots. For the Danes; Steen Jørgensen (Sort Sol) and Johan Olsen (Magtens Korridorer) among many!

It’s no secret that I have a very close relationship to this little footwear store. My relationship with Lædersmeden was developed many years ago, actually almost as early as I can remember. You see, back in the days it was in fact my dad’s cousin’s husband (sounds further than it actually is) who ran the store. This means that there was an unofficial saying in the family that if you wanted real leather shoes then Lædersmeden was the destination. I’m also quite certain that my fixation about a good leather smell stems from this! Which is even something that I consciously look for what picking out a new fragrance!


Jørgen Røssell opened the store back in the 1970’s after been touring around in Europe as a musician. Through this endeavour he especially came to be very fascinated with a trend he discovered in Spain; hot pants and cowboy boots. A trend that he wished to bring with him to Denmark. This was what came to define Lædersmeden as it is today. However, after years have gone by, then Lædersmeden have been passed on to the second generation, Jonas Røssell who runs it today. It very much seems Jonas’ vision to make Lædersmeden a strong fashion brand in Denmark. While it is a very specific niche, then boots from Lædersmeden have been on runways with Asger Juel Larsen, Martin Asbjørn and Jean//Phillip. But this time effort has been stepped up even further.


As part of Won Hundred’s new initiative Support Your Local Heroes then 7 new unisex cowboy boots have been designed in a collaboration between Lædersmeden and Won Hundred. These 7 new styles vary from simple low ankle boots only with slight distress to high shafted boots with embroidery decorations. All of the boots are goodyear welted and provide a quality that is likely unmatched in the price range. I personally own several boots that Lædersmeden have had in production and can personally vouch for this.

Won Hundred x Lædersmeden won-hundred-laedersmeden-memphis-boots Won Hundred x Lædersmeden won-hundred-laedersmeden-forthworth-boots Won Hundred x Lædersmeden won-hundred-laedersmeden-phoenix-boots Won Hundred x Lædersmeden

I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair from the Won Hundred x Lædersmeden collaboration myself!

The boots have just become available at the Won Hundred flagship store in Copenhagen, on Won Hundred’s website, and will shortly be available in the Lædersmeden shop (Vestergade 15, 1456 Kbh K) and on their e-commerce site. If you just have the slightest urge to check out these boots even further (yeah, you can rock these bad boys as well!) then I’d advice you to drop by the Lædersmeden store! Here you’ll get a chance to experience the whole atmosphere and the craftsmanship surrounding this universe.

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