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Wood And Absinth

Wood And Absinth Review

A good scent can be as important as a good look. The moment that you approach someone that has an intriguing scent can add a layer of attraction or mystique. However, a bad scent can force an extreme discomfort! For me a splash of perfume in the morning is essential, it gets me to straightening my back and hold my head up high.

About the Wood And Absinth by Mark Buxton:

The name is as catchy as the smell! From the first time that the scent entered my nostrils I knew that this was exactly what I have been looking for in a while now. A very masculine scent, that would not be unbearable.

At first you meet an almost alcoholic absinth smell, but the second that you realise that, a deep wonderful smell of wet timber follows. It is one of those scents, that make you instantly feel more confident, like you’re on top of the world! That absinth, rosewood and cedar wood combination gives a dirty and very masculine expression, while the jasmine provides a feeling of cleanliness. I think it is perfectly balanced!

Top note: Absinth & Clary sage
Heart: Jasmine & Rosewood
Base: Vetiver & Cedar wood

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