How I Embraced New Year's Eve

Working With Different Shades

Working With Different Shades

Hey guys!

Looking at the menswear street style scene, it becomes very obvious that it is dominated by black and white monochromatic outfits. A little color may show up once in a while, but it is mainly concerned with blacks, greys and whites. I’m not saying that I’m not fond of black monochromatic looks, because I am(!), but sometimes relying on a different color palette can be very beneficial. However, this changed color palette, may or may not involve many different colors. But there are certain things that you should be aware of when you go for a look based on different shades rather than on different colors.

When playing around with different shades of the same color, then make sure, that the shades are not too similar. This just creates a confusion of whether you tried to match the outfit or whether you was in fact aware that they were not actually similar. You need to make sure, that there is some degree of contrast between the two pieces. This creates a clear separation, and illustrates consciousness.

Me, I really like these brown shades. I think that it is shades with so much persona, and so much history.

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Portrait De L’HOMME

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How I Embraced New Year's Eve