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8 Tips, Tricks, Dos and Don'ts for wearing strappy mens sandals

Would you wear these wowen leather shoes?

The male summer footwear wardrobe are often dominated by loafers or light weight canvas trainers. While, I am no way going to challenge those two options, there are more alternatives. For one there is the mens sandals category, which is a deal breaker for some (read more here), but there are also options which is in the borderline between categories. For example these wowen leather shoes from Lædersmeden, which is closed up shoes, that bears some resemblances to both loafers but also strap sandals. In fact, somewhat of a hybrid shoe. Often footwear that tries to bridge borders end up falling between, and seem straight up irrelevant (like a classic Oxford shoe with the white sole of a plimsoll). However, since both loafers and sandals are (often) considered summer shoes, it works really well. Not only to mention the top of the class construction!

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While this shoe is versatile when it comes to usage situations, such as strolling on a mole, in the office or for a walk around town, it suit some stylings better than others. To me they have a quite cool Yuppie connotation, which means that it fits quite well into a classic menswear styling. Even better, a classic menswear styling inspired by the 80’s, tho it is not necessary. I found the shoes to work out best for a simple styling with a pair of slightly rolled up chinos. That way the show of ankles adds to the vibe. It further, also better show off the wowen details on the shoe, which is worth highlighting.

The shoes can be shopped at Lædersmeden here or in their store at Vestergade 15, 1456 København K.

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