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Wearing colours as a guy can be a tricky deal. In general the male wardrobe is quite colourless. It’s rare that vivid colours express the masculinity that we seek to address. This results in the male wardrobe primarily revolving around blacks, whites and navy’s – and occasionally tans. However with the many military references in fashion the last couple of years, the deep khaki (army green, olive green, you name it..) has manifested itself as a cool go to in the male wardrobe. Whether it be military jackets, shirts or in this case a jumper.

The thing is that it basically looks great with any other colour in male wardrobe, thus making it very wearable. It emphasises the deep musky wild life atmosphere that men want to associate them selves with. Mainly because it follows this logic: The army is out in the nature among woods and muds -> when military references are applied to fashion then it brings the connotations of those army associations. In general counter reactions to real life situations is often seen in fashion. While wars and rebellions are played out around the world, then I believe that those military references are as well connected to humans spending less and less time in the real world. We spend more and more time behind a screen. This is why you see fashion introducing utility jackets, cargo pants, trekking sandals (who in their right mind would have imagined such on a runway?!). All outdoor pieces.  But it’s not always about the obvious references, the references may just as well be as subtle as the choice of colour. I might be overthinking it, but I know I’m not the only one with this thought.

Getting back to the outfit; As this jumper is quite plain in it self then I spiced it up with a studded pouch, loafers and a few other accessories that gave the look some edge. But I think the piece that really shapes the styling are the dress pants. Dress pants are without a single freaking doubt my most precious styling hack. Swapping the jeans for dress pants just elevates your look! To me dress pants for every day use is one of the most important pieces in the male wardrobe (if you want to hear more about the essentials of the male wardrobe, then check this video out HERE)

All in all I’m really feeling this colour and it wearability! It’s definitely a new favourite colour of mine, is it also a new favourite colour of yours?

Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME

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